5 West End Musicals I Would Like to See


Lets Start it off:

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  1. Les Miserables

This is actually a peculiar choice for me as I have not seen the film (this will change soon). I know only the basics to the storyline which I must say sounds interesting and some of the music from the soundtrack come across as being amazing! The fact that it is the longest running musical conveys how special it must be to hold such a prestigious title. In addition, I have not spoken to anyone that has seen it and has not given it so much credit – most wanted to see it again. I do hope to see this West End Musical one day, but not until I have seen the film and have done my research as I have been told, I would be lost anyway.

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  1. Wicked

As a child I watched the ‘Wizard of Oz’ many times on the television as well as pantomimes. It was not my favourite, but I always enjoyed it. A member of my family saw it and they could not praise it enough. The soundtrack, ‘Defying Gravity’, would have to be to the one song I would look forward to the most. It comes across like it needs to be heard live rather than just via YouTube etc (which I am sure most would agree)! I was unfortunate enough to miss it on its tour last year as musical theatre only became a bigger part of my life shortly afterwards. A couple of years ago, I was the lighting technician for a local production of ‘Wizard of Oz’ and it remains very much in my heart as I got to know a few of the songs and had an amazing time. I really hope to see it in the West End in the near future and I am intrigued to hear the other side of the story!

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  1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I understand that this is not currently West End)

This was once again a film I watched several times when I was younger. It was one of my favourites (even if the child-snatcher scared me)! I found myself intrigued by all his marvellous inventions and now the thought of the Grandad being uplifted in the outdoor toilet has surfaced! As you can see I have many great memories with this film. I absolutely love the story line and can only imagine what it would be like in the West End! I am fortunate enough to have recently booked a ticket to see it on its UK tour early next year at the Mayflower Theatre (Southampton). This will star Jason Manford and will be interesting to see how he is. I cannot wait to see it and I am sure a review will follow!

Source: http://www.billyelliotthemusical.com/images/logo.jpg
  1. Billy Elliot

This is a film and musical I actually have knowledge about. I have seen the film many times and really enjoyed it. I just find it so inspiring how a young boy from a lower class family ends up becoming a star. He has his struggles on the way, but I feel no one can question his talent and the spark he has when dancing. Earlier this year I watched ‘Billy Elliot the Musical Live’ and felt overwhelmed. Despite basically watching the West End version, I still want to see it. There are many scenes that are amazing and the choreography is superb. I know that I will enjoy this and I definitely plan to go to watch in the next year or so.

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  1. Matilda

It seems to be a common pattern that I have seen the film of these musicals. The same applies here! I watched the film many times and again enjoyed it. My best friend has seen the musical a few times and I know it is one of her favourites. Hence this was one of the reasons that it first jumped out at me, before seeing what it had to offer. The storyline itself is really good at communicating a huge variety of emotions throughout. Since there are a lot of younger cast roles in the show, I know that Matilda will showcase a lot of the younger talent. It is incredible what children can do at their age! I actually walked past the Cambridge Theatre a couple of months ago and even though I was going to see another musical, I felt excited that one day I will hopefully get to see it! As it stands, I hope to go see it in the next few months.


As you can tell I have a lot of Musical Theatre to catch up on! Even after seeing all five of these Musicals, it will be exciting to know whether they match up to my favourite musical, Memphis (read my review here)! Let me know of any musicals you want to see!






3 thoughts on “5 West End Musicals I Would Like to See

  1. What a great post. I cannot wait to see Wicked I have heard such great things about it. The Wiz was never really a fave of mine but I’m still intrigued to see the other side of the story.

    I saw Chitty when it was in central a few years back and have to say love the film and the stage adaptation, it was absolutely wonderful – it will be interesting to see how Jason Manford comes across!

    I missed both Billy Elliot and Matilda but they are two more that generally has a lot of love from their audiences. The other couple that stole my heart were the Lion King and Phantom both were absolutely spectacular and I would happy see again and again.

    Lastly but most definitely not least. I urge you to ditch the film and go and see Les Mis I have seen it so many times in the theatre and every time it is the same – purely wonderful. I have seen the film and was disappointed but it wasn’t bad if you know what I mean. If you are stuck with the story listen to the original stage soundtrack, go and see it on stage then compare the movie to that. Hope that helps 🙂

    Such a great post 🙂 you have made me think of all of my faves 🙂


  2. Thank you very much for the kind words! 🙂 I have heard exactly the same about Wicked and it had always intrigued me about what the other side of the story could hold! I am so excited to see Chitty next month on its tour, it should be really good and I am sure I would post a blog about it! 🙂 A member of my family has seen Billy Elliot many times and I hope to see it west end before it closes in April. Matilda I will definitely see soon and is obviously top of my list. Lion King was never something I ever had on my radar, but I will have to have a look into it and my best friend loves Phantom, but I am just not sure if it is quite for me. Les Mis, that is interesting as I have always been told you need to read up about it and watch the film before as you would just feel lost, but everyone again said it was just phenomenal regardless of the many times they saw it!


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